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Phil&Jay Ocean Radio Mix
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So it's been over a year since we last posted something on our site and well, to be honest, a lot has happened since then. We stopped partying with our fellow hamburg DJs (both), got new jobs (both), moved (Jay), visited our families back home (both... kinda), became uncles (only Jay), managed to not graduate on time (me) and procrastinated (both). We never get too caught up with our personal stuff, but at the same time, we never got too caught up with our DJing so that's what kind of made all of this stop moving forward.

I started an internship in the music industry and am currently "working on my thesis", which surprisingly doesn't work as well as one would think -_-

Jay has been working his ass off at his new job and traveling a lot in Germany, so that has left him also with very little free time.

Even though it's not a come back, it feels good to re-engage the passion we feel for electronic music and be able to express it somehow. Lately we've been listening to a lot of hip hop and new electronic music acts and that has kind of inspired us into looking into blogs and searching for a song that's perfect for an exact emotion or time.

And to end this off in a way that sorta makes sense, Jay rejoined Phil (original machine) a couple of months ago and made an amazing mix. Even though it was done during autumn I always connected it with the feeling I get around this time of the year (girls with sunglasses in swimsuits, bbqing with friends and getting drunk outside). Go ahead and take a listen to it down hurr ↓ and like their page over thurr.


Peace Out!


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Feel Good Mondays: Siriusmo - Enthusiast

Here we go again! Another Monday post  is here for you. Even though over here on our side of the globe the day is almost gone,  we didn't want to fail on our mission of sharing some good tunes with you guys. 

This week we want to start with the news that Monkeytown Records shared with the world last week. SIRIUSMO IS BACK! - Almost one year after he released his superb Debut album "Mosaik" the label announced that he will be releasing his second LP "Enthusiast" on June 14th.

For all of you who know the berliner, he has been in the game for a long time now (almost 13 years) but he actually got on our radar with his release discoding in 2008. But lets get back on track, this man really doesn't need an introduction and we actually only wanted to post the track they shared with us as a preview towards the upcoming album.

HERE IT IS: ITCHY (available as a Free Download)

and go and pre order his new album here


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C2C - Down The Road

C2C WeAreTim 2013

Whats up interwebberz!! We got a special invitation this week to go to the C2C concert here in Hamburg. We were pretty excited to see these guys on tour, especially since we discovered their masterpiece Down The Road and having seen a couple of youtube videos. 

Without a doubt its the best DJ Show I've ever seen, from the scratches to the visuals, to the gimmicks, these guys went out with full energy the whole night, and were definitely VERY creative in their performance. They flipped genres the whole night going from soul, to dubstep drops, to old school hip hop, to bossa nova, to charleston, to you name it. We were just like DAMN this shit is hard.

Seen as newcomers but also as four experienced kick-ass DJs, C2C got together back in 2011 and have since then rocked the turntables

Down The Road is off their first EP titled Down The Road, duh, but also got released on their full album Tetra. Get this bitch while its hot up in hurr.

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Feel Good Mondays: Para One - Every Little Thing Remix

WeAreTIM - Para One

Whats up!!
If you haven't noticed, rocking out Fridays and Saturdays and then starting off the week right is kind of our thing this year.

This week we got one of the coolest guys in electronic music, Para One. He's been around for a while now and has already made a name for himself with his previous releases, like his last LP titled Passion. The track Every Little Thing was originally released on this LP but has now been dusted off and re-polished with some nice bars from Harlem King, Killa Cam

 Next week we will get to check out this new EP Every Little Thing Remix released on Marble Music which will feature remixes by Canblaster and Girl Unit as well as an acapella and an instrumental version. If you like this and wanna hear the rest cop this muhfukka up in hurr.


Girl I noticed, 
Every little thing you say make me nervous
But I’m not hopeless
I’m really trying to tone it down
But it keeps coming back


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Stornoway - Knock Me On The Head (L'Étranger Remix)

Stornoway Tales from Terra Firma

Fresh out the oven!!!
Not officially out yet, but already making its rounds onthe interwebz we got a remix from Mr. Ben Thomas a.k.a. L'Étranger this weekend. He's a self proclaimed producer, mixer, remixer and englishman. His remix of Stornoway's  Knock me on the Head has the classic elements all his tracks have: Fresh vocals, cut up samples, french house vibe and lots and lots of groove.

It starts off with a funky beat that makes you wanna bang your fist on your desk, it's then replaced by some nice stabs and finally by cut up vocals on top of pure house.
But don't take our word for it and just check it out!

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